Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bard skillup macro using windower

It is really simple. Create a text file named brd_skillup.txt with notepad and put it in the folder scripts. Copy the following content to the file.

//File starting here
/input echo "Use the Control-q Key to end this macro";

keyboard_bind ^q input /echo Ending bard skillup macro; alias_clearall; keyboard_unbind ^q; wait 3;

alias FireCarol input /so "Fire Carol" ; wait 12;
alias IceCarol input /so "Ice Carol" ; wait 12;
alias WindCarol input /so "Wind Carol" ; wait 12;
alias EarthCarol input /so "Earth Carol" ; wait 12;
alias LightningCarol input /so "Lightning Carol" ; wait 12;
alias WaterCarol input /so "Water Carol" ; wait 12;
alias LightCarol input /so "Light Carol" ; wait 12;
alias DarkCarol input /so "Dark Carol" ; wait 12;

alias bard exec brd_skillup.txt; wait 3;

input /echo "Start cycling songs";


input /echo "Ending Cycle";
//File ending here

If you don't have certain songs, just delete the corresponding lines. To run the macro, go to console using the Insert button and type 'exec brd_skillup.txt'. If you want to stop, hit Ctrl+q. There is an issue with windower crashing after 15-30 minutes, probably due to windower's instability. I find it helpful to put like... 10 sets of songs in the body of the script instead of one set as showed.

I personally believe that wind and string skills are best to be done in besieged with threnody songs. For singing skill, buffing gets it up the fastest, hence is my macro. That, and there is nothing better than skilling-up while going afk.

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